Four Tips to Consider When Buying a Home!

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All home buyers want to find the “perfect home.” There are plenty of tips out there like check out the surrounding schools or drive by it at night. Besides doing those small steps, it is best to do your due diligence with these extra steps to totally ensure you will be perfectly happy in your new home. Purchasing a home is a big deal and you will want to make sure you are 120% in!

Here are four tips that will save you countless headaches and checks down the line!Facebook Share Image 03_26.2

1. Don’t skip the property survey.Who would think that the fence was in the wrong place? But what if it was? And what if you want to expand your fence but find out it already is two feet over into your neighbor’s property? By getting the survey done, you will be able to see if any improvements you would want to make down the line are possible!

2. If there is a homeowners association, make sure to check it out.When was the last fee increase? What kind of upkeep and repairs can you expect? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you get an idea of what the future could hold.

3. It may be dry now but check out your flood zone.Wisconsin isn’t known for flooding but it does happen! Check out an area map to see if you should purchase flood insurance.

4. What is the master plan for your neighborhood?Are you looking in a place that has been established since the 1950s? If so, your neighborhood will probably stay the same in the coming years. However if you are looking in an up and coming neighborhood, be careful and check what will be going up next door. Will there be a lot of construction nearby? Will this impede your commute to work? Things to think about!

When buying a home, there will never be an absolutely perfect location. But you can sure get close with these tips! Enjoying your home and neighborhood for years to come is important and by following these tips, you will be able to. Talk to your Shorewest, REALTOR® about any of these points to help you make a decision!

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