How To: Sell a Home with Children

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Everyone faces challenges when they sell their home. Some homes need major structural repairs, some need landscaping upgrades while the lucky ones may need some touch-up paint and organization. Another hurdle to overcome is attempting to sell and buy a home simultaneously, with pets, children or an elderly loved one.

Selling a home with kids is its own process that should be handled with care. Whether you are moving across the city or state, a child should be included in the journey to the degree that they can handle. Here are the best tips for selling a home with kids:shutterstock_75370993Share the move with your child. A big mistake parents can make is not telling their children that they are preparing the home for sale. Depending on the age of the child, there are many different ways to explain this so that they understand and are on board. Based on how many years you have been in the home, they have a routine, friends, they know the neighborhood, a set school and are comfortable in this area. Taking them away from memories and friends can be devastating to them in their limited experience. By including them in the moving process, they are more likely to go along with the plan, to keep their room clean and to pick-up the house in-between showings.

Make preparing your home for the sale a family event. A first impression is usually the only impression you will have with potential buyers. Therefore making sure it is near perfect is not only a high standard but what your buyer will be expecting. While parents can work on touching up paint, updating fixtures and major organization projects, feel free to put the kiddies to work! Have them pick up their play areas, put their toys away and straighten up their bedrooms the best they can. Having them work beside you will give you a cohesive goal and help them feel important in this big life change.

Think it will be easier if you restrict showing times? Think again! Restricted showing times will do just that; restrict what potential buyers you may have! Therefore it is important to be prepared for a short notice showing. This does not mean that you have to accommodate a two-hour time frame, but six to eight hours notice is perfectly acceptable for you to be ready to go.

A showing has been scheduled, what is everyone’s role? A pertinent conversation to have with your little ones is what will need to be done before a showing. Assigning them a job such as making their bed or tidying up one particular area will give them a purpose and keep them out of your hair while you complete the larger chores!

Final thoughts: moving with kids can be challenging…but it also can be done with minimal headaches! Making sure that your children are a part of the process will cut down on arguments and messiness. Moving is a family event and can be a lot of fun as long as everyone is informed and they know what their roles are.  Speaking to your Shorewest, REALTOR® can make all the difference as well. They have dealt with plenty of families moving and can set you and the kid’s minds at ease. Contact them today to help sell your home! #ShorewestRealtors #ShorewestFamily #HomeBuying #HomeSelling

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