Nine Mini DIY Projects for Your Home

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Looking to spruce up your home without a full remodel? Here are some mini makeovers for your home that will surely make an impact without a lot of time or money!

1. Peel-and-Stick backsplash! Ready for a change in your kitchen but not sure if you are ready for a permanent decision? Peel-and-stick backsplashes is a great way to have the look of a tiled backsplash without paying for one!

2.Ready to upgrade your cabinets? Use beadboard wallpaper instead of actual beadboard for a cool transformation!beadboard3. Update your light fixtures with spray paint and new bulbs! Who wants to pay for a whole new light fixture? Instead pick up some spray paint and new bulbs and voila!

4. Going for something simple? Add some trim to your indoor windows!window trim5. Turn up the heat with a new fireplace! Of course it only looks like you have a brand new fireplace. Some simple high-heat spray paint will do the trick!

6. Have those ceiling fans been mocking you since the 80s? Time to show them whose boss by putting a fresh coat of paint on them for a brand new look!

7. Stairs usually mark a grand entrance, but not if they are less than grand themselves! Rip out that old carpeting and use some gel stain and paint. Your family pictures will thank you!stairs8. What’s one of the first things people look at on the outside of your home? Your house numbers! Upgrade them with some wooden paint stirrers cut to size and stained to bring your home into this century.

9. Is your foundation an eye sore? Reimagine it with faux stone tiles on the outside of your home! Cheaper than real stone and much easier to install!

These DIY projects are easy to commit to without having to plan and pay for a huge renovation! They will help your home value immensely and your wallet will be happy! Talk to your Shorewest, REALTOR® if you are unsure about the ROI (return upon investment) for any one of these projects. #ShorewestRealtors #ShorewestFamily #DIY

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