Happy Organize Your Home Day!

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shutterstock_121056316Today is the day! All those little projects you have been putting off, today is the day to tackle them! It’s important to stay organized in your home not because of random company stopping by, but because when your living space is in chaos, your mind is in chaos. It’s time to calm the storm and reclaim your living spaces.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started!

Assess what you have and toss what you don’t need. Go through stacks of old paper and mail, sort into piles and start filing them away or toss!

Give everything a home. Store your essentials at eye level. Stuff you use once a year? Think basement or attic.

Light bulb moment! It takes longer to go through your “do it later” pile than to file/put something away immediately.

Sometimes five minutes is all you have. Sometimes five minutes is all you need! If things seem overwhelming, tackle one project for five minutes. You will often find you will go longer but less stressed trying to hurry the project along.

Map out your space. This may seem odd for a home but it truly helps! While you are sorting your things into piles, make sure to put similar things near each other. That way when you are looking for a spatula and a hot mitt, they aren’t on opposite sides of the kitchen!


Organizing must have: a label maker! If your storage bins are opaque it is most helpful to label what is in them. That way you don’t need to open them all up just to find one thing.

Avoid scatter organizing. Doing a little of this area, and a little of that one creates more work for you in the end. Don’t get distracted, stick to the task at hand and it will seem less daunting!

While today is the National Holiday of organizing your home, feel free to do this every day! Keeping your home organized day to day will help not only in finding what you need, but a peace of mind as well. Enjoy your new living spaces! #ShorewestRealtors #OrganizeYourHomeDay #ShorewestTips

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