Home Warranties Aren’t Just For New Homeowners!

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Did you know that you don’t need to be a new home buyer to have a home warranty? While a home warranty is typically purchased when buying a home, many others purchase a warranty year-after-year to protect their home and appliances.

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A home warranty helps protect owners against unexpected and unforeseen home repairs on specific components of a home such as furnace, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical as well as some major appliances. In many cases, the cost of the home warranty is minimal compared with the cost to repair or replace one of these components. And according to recent studies, most homes experience two mechanical failures a year.

A home warranty is ideal for the homeowner who does not have an emergency fund for home repairs, is not handy or does not want to deal with repairs on their own. A home warranty will provide added peace of mind.

When considering purchasing a home warranty, here are some important things to think about:

  • Understand what the home warranty covers. Read the contract carefully.
  • Be sure all components under the warranty have been maintained over the years to help ensure coverage.
  • Remember that if nothing fails during the term of your warranty, you will be paying out premiums without a return.
  • Home warranty companies choose the contractors, minimizing your need to find one, but also requiring you to use who they find.
  • While the warranty will provide similar or equivalent replacement of a component, it may not be the exact one you would have chosen.
  • A home warranty does not replace homeowners insurance. They are two different things.

“This is one of those years that my HSA home warranty has sure come in handy.  This year alone HSA has replaced my above-the-range range microwave, repaired my AC twice, replaced my bathroom exhaust fan and also has repaired my dryer twice.  Response time has been unbelievable!  Specifically for the exhaust fan and the AC.  I filed a claim online for the fan, received a call from my assigned contractor within minutes and three hours later I had a new exhaust fan.  With my AC repairs, the work was completed within 24 hours from when I went online to file my claims.  HSA has been an incredible resource and wonderful peace of mind for our family!”

-Testimonial from Tom Breitlow

HSA Home Warranty is a trusted name in home warranties and has been providing warranties and exceptional service for over 30 years. Shorewest partners with HSA to provide its customers a qualified home warranty to help protect their investment. With a home warranty plan, you’ll receive a one-year service contract to help protect your budget from costly, unexpected covered repairs or replacements of appliances and major components of mechanical systems that break down from normal wear and tear. For more information about HSA Home Warranty, go to their website at http://www.onlinehsa.com/.

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