How to Stage your Home for the Millennial Buyer

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Your home fits your tastes and is decorated and laid out to your specifications, as it should be! But what happens when you need to sell your home? First all of your personal knick knacks need to be taken down but what else can you do to make your home more appealing to buyers? Looking at the market right now we know that millennials are the next big buying group. Here is what you can do to make your home more appealing to millennials:shutterstock_250878199Start with the entryway. Millennials prefer an unloading station when they get home. Something with shelves, baskets, a tastefully styled power strip or charging center. Somewhere they can unload all of their things like keys, mail, shoes and scarves. This center also should be subtle, organized and styled like the house.

Next look to the common areas. Millennials put a large emphasis on socializing so make sure that your living room and kitchen show as places to host a great party! If you have an open layout, make sure to arrange several seating areas, including putting some bar stools at the kitchen counter. This will help your potential buyers see how big groups will able to be accommodated throughout the living area. Have the spaces look integrated and seamless. Serve beverages and snacks during the open house to emphasize the entertaining aspect of the home.

Lastly think about children’s spaces. Millennials span the ages of 20-35, and many are starting families or thinking about a timeline for their family. Even if they are not quite ready now, having rooms that can convert to kid’s rooms or play rooms speaks to them. At the open house, display maps with nearby playgrounds, parks and bike paths to show what the area has to offer.

All of these steps combined can make your home stand out to the millennial buyers. After all, they are the biggest buying group on the horizon, it is best to cater to what they would want in a home. Make sure to talk to your Shorewest, REALTOR® about how best to stage your home, they are the experts in making a home shine to its fullest potential! #ShorewestRealtors #MillennialBuyers

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