National Taco Day

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Last year Americans consumed over 4.5 billion tacos! Needless to say, we love tacos. Even though tacos are so wildly popular, the history of the taco is relatively unknown. Some anthropologists say there is evidence the taco predates the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico in the 16th century. They say evidence suggests inhabitants of the lake region of the Valley of Mexico ate tacos filled with small fish. 

In 1962, a fast food restaurant known as Taco Bell was founded in California. This restaurant chain spread the popularity of Mexican food in the United States and around the world. 

We’ve made a list of a few tacos spots in your community, if we didn’t list it, where is your favorite spot to get a taco?

Milwaukee County

Taco Moto

Mazorca Taco

Bel Air Cantina

The Laughing Taco

Cafe Corazon

Jefferson/Dodge County

Deeg’s Grill and Bar

El Mariachi

Don Rocha’s Mexican Restaurant

Racine/Kenosha County

La Fogata Mexican Grill

911 Tacos

Taqueria Arandas Restaurant

La Tapatia

Pico’s Tacos & Cerveza

Mi Jacalito Restaurant

Rock County 

Truk’t Street Tacos

El Jardin Restaurant

Sheboygan County

Las Brisa’s Mexican Restaurant 

El Camino

2 Amigos Restaurant 

Waukesha County

La Estacion Restaurante

Los Tacos

El Palmar

Taquiera Guadalajara

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